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Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
The course covers the fundamentals of data structures and object-oriented programming. They are two sides of the same coin. As a programmer becomes more proficient, they realize that how well and efficiently a problem can be solved often depends on how the data are stored. Some of the ideas are quite sophisticated and clever, and we will explore a spectrum of them in this class, ranging from fairly basic to moderately advanced structures.The other side is that once one realizes the importance of data structures, it is natural to think of programs not as sequences of instructions that pass around some data, but as data packets that come with the code needed to process them. This is at the heart of the object-oriented design paradigm, and often leads to more modular and extensible (and readable) programs. We will learn about the basics of object-oriented programming, along with many of the interesting things that can be naturally done within the paradigm.
Author: Sandra Batista, University of Southern California
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Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

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