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Study for exams, catch up with missed lectures, test your knowledge with embedded questions and self-study useful computer science skills with interactive short videos. Simply better than YouTube or any MOOC and ideal for any learning situation.

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The Cuvids Education Revolution

CUvids was developed with the needs of today’s students in mind by Princeton University faculty and students. This is an on-demand dynamic study supplement that makes learning faster, better and easier. Tried and tested with students at Princeton University, Rice University, University of Liverpool, Rutgers University, Salt Lake Community College, San Jose State University and many other colleges to great success, we now bring this new method of learning of learning and discovery to you.

At CUvids, we understand that as a student, your time is a precious resource. Our proprietary online learning platform enables you to master course materials quickly and on demand with visual, audio and textual tools created by world class professors and authors, ensuring only the very best in quality. With our Augmented Intelligence powered platform, you can ask questions and find answers easily and quickly, creating an interactive study experience geared towards your specific needs and interests when you need it. No other learning supplement is as effective as CUvids.


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